Accumulators - Crosslapper

In production lines where products are manufactured in roll (rolls of foam, fabric, film, etc.), it is necessary to interrupt the production cycle to replace rolls once they are completely unwinded or completely winded. Many times this stop leads to long downtime in production and morover it causes some products to be defective, since the production process should be continuous. To avoid these problems, it is possible to equip the line with accumulation systems, which store the material necessary to guarantee a continuous production while rolls are changed.

Some examples of accumulation can be:

Accumulator with roller

It is used in line to accumulate compact materials

The accumulator can have electromechanical or pneumatic opening. The diameter of the accumulation cylinders of the is correlated to the flexibility and toughness of the material to be accumulated on it, while the length of accumulation is proportional to the speed of the line.


The Crosslapper is used in line to accumulate thin and very flexible material. The flap of the product depends on the speed of material’s insertion and the speed of the of the deposit belt, which both can vary. The crosslapper’s dimension can vary according to the meters of accumulation required and to the density of the product to flap.


The accumulator j-box is composed of: an insertion calander, a tank for material collection and an extraction calander. The system is managed through a speed check of both types of calenders, and a combinattion of this check with some sensors that monitor the amount of stored material.